Thursday, 15 January 2009

My Trip to India!!

As part of my ambassador role, I get to go out to India!! I will get to see how World Vision is going to use this year's fundraising money to help communities in Jaipur (also known as the pink city), which is in India.

I was originally meant to be going to India on the 30 November, flying to Mumbai and then getting an internal flight to Delhi, however 2 days before we were due to fly out, the unfortunate incidence in Mumbai happened so we had to postpone the trip.

We then decided to re-arrange the trip for the following week, flying to Delhi first and transfer there to go to Jaipur. A few days before we were due to fly out, there were news reports that Delhi airport was being heavily guarded and terrorist threats had been made against the airport, therefore World Vision decided to postpone the trip until further notice.

When this happended, I was really upset as I began to think I would never get to go, but now the trip has been re-arranged for this Sunday, 18 January and I cannot wait. I was nervous when the bombings in Mumbai took place however I am now more determined than ever to visit India, as I feel that not only can i help such a good cause, but I can come back to England and bring awareness about the work that World Vision is doing.

Keep your eyes peeled for my blogs from India

Eleanor xx

I am extremely excited about the trip but also scared as I don't know what to expect. I am prepared for unpleasant sights but I am determined that this will only strengthen the campaign by putting myself in these surroundings. Hopefully this will also have an effect on the teenage audience as they will see the reality of some people's lives and so will feel compelled to support the campaign.

To prepare myself for the trip, I am researching into the World Vision Campaign to gain a full understanding of what this charity offers, therefor strenghening the campaign. I am prepared for a very tight schedule when visiting the Pink City and would of course like to see the city itself. However I am concentrating on helping the people out there and doing all that I can.

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