Monday, 12 January 2009

Being chosen as the new ambassador!

When I was asked to be the ambassador for 2008/09 World Vision 24 Hour Famine back in September 2008, I was completely amazed that I had been picked to lead such a powerful campaign! I was so excited as I have always wanted to help children and people in 3rd World Countries who don't have the luxuries that have become so common in our everyday lives.

I took on the role as the campaign aims to reach out to teenagers, to inform them about how youths the same age as us lead a completely different life to the one that we lead here and being a teenager myself, I'm sure I can make an impact. I see this as my chance to make a difference.

The year ahead will most certainly be challenging as I will be coming face to face with sights that I probably could never imagine, such as the extreme poverty and the fact that girls my age are working as sex workers and don't have the same options and choices that I do. I am very much looking forward to the trip to India as it is a once in a life time opportunity that will be both amazing and shocking.

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  1. Hey Eleanor! I hope you read this comment! I really think you are an amazing teenager, great at acting and you truly deserved to be the ambassador for world vision 24 hour famine 2008/09. Please comment back! :)

    - Rose